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Pokémon Crystal is one of the best entertaining games among players. However, it seems like an upgraded version of Pokémon Gold and Pokémon Silver, but there are a few twists you can find in the game. Pokémon Crystal follows almost the same story. Here you are supposed to be a Pokémon trainer. You live in New Bark Town and want to be a Pokémon master. And the entire story revolves around you and your combat against the mighty Team Rocket. The entire game story occurs in the city of Johto. However, the game path is similar to the silver and gold versions. But Cristal has some extra features as well. Pokémon Crystal lets you choose your gender. Besides, a few other things are included in the game, like “a Battle Tower” and “a Central Location for Hordes of the toughest trainers in the land.”

Pokemon Crystal Version

The characters of Pokémon Crystal-

As we said, Pokémon Crystal allows you to choose your gender. Though it is not a significant matter to players, Pokémon wants to show gratitude towards its female fans. And for girls, it is an opportunity to show their actual ability. No matter what kind of game you play or how well you can play, you will not find it entertaining if you cannot relate to the game’s character. And Pokémon Crystal removes that discrimination. They introduced Kris and Marina as Pokémon masters. They are absolutely the same as other characters and have the same ability to train and control Pokémon. You can also checkout:-PCSX2 BIOS

Spirit of Pokémon Crystal-

In Pokémon Crystal, we will see that the appearance of Pokémon spirits is more petite than gold and silver. However, they can move. The graphic is more colorful and attractive. Suicune’s appearance is more extensive in the game than in the earlier version. In the game reflection, Suicune will be encountered multiple times in the game’s world. A player has to beat Suicune during their journey. However, it does not move.

While Entei and Raikou move and travel just like in the earlier version. You can only beat Ho-OH after beating Suicune, Entei, and Raikou. Again Pokémon Crystal does not allow Celebi to be caught. However, it is said that in Pokémon Crystal 3DS Virtual Console, you will be able to capture Celebi.

Different Locations and Features of Pokémon Crystal-

Though the overall game location is the same in Pokémon Crystal, there are a few noticeable changes that can be found. If you know about Unown, the game will amaze you as you can learn more about this ancient Pokémon. At the same time, a new subplot of “Ruins of the Alpha” has been introduced with more game puzzles. More ordinary Unown will be found in the place.

The Icepath has been upgraded with some new types of puzzles. You will be met with a new person who is also searching for Suicune. Even the personality of the guide trainer has also been upgraded.

When you receive a Rising Badge and give an answer to a question in Dragon’s den, you will get Dratini and extreme velocity. If you are familiar with The First Battle Tower at Route 40, then you know it is not accessible. But here you can access it.

Available Pokémon-

In Pokémon Crystal, you will be able to get five Legend Pokémon. They are- Lugia, Ho-OH, Raikou, Entei, and Suicune. Apart from that, you can have 251 Pokémon located in different places. You have to fight several battles to obtain them. However, in Pokémon Crystal, HO-Oh will not appear until you beat and capture Suicune, Raikou, and Entei.

Guide for Elementary Level in Pokémon Crystal:

First Pokémon to start the Journey

After you set up your character, you need to choose Pokémon. Choosing Pokémon is a bit tricky. They are all unique in their way. For example, Feraligatr can learn different moves and water-type solid attacks. Typhlosion is very adaptable to Fire-type moves. Again, Megnium’s specialty is virtuoso.

Crossing Route 29-

Crossing Route 29 will be essential if you want to gather a few flying-type Pokémon.

First Combat-

After visiting Mr. Pokémon’s house, you must go back to New Bark Town. During the journey, you will encounter your first enemy. You can customize the name. However, the first encounter is comparingly easier than the rest.

Pre-workout exercise-

Well, there are too many tasks you must finish before you visit the Gym. For example- include visiting the Pokémon school and Sprout Tower, finding an unknown kid, fixing a deal for Onix, and many more. However, it would be better to get Mareep here, though it is unavailable.

Gym Fights and Routes of Pokémon Crystal-

First Fight- Before getting in trouble, remember to know more about Falkner first. He has Pidgey, LV.7, and Pidgeotto, LV.9, flying-type Pokémons. Their best move is Tackle and Mud-Slap, and Gust. Now that you have chosen Meganium, Onix will undoubtedly benefit you. After you get your first badge- Zephyr, you will be able to teach the Mud-slap move to one of your Pokémon. After visiting the Gym, you will get an egg from Elm.

However, we are just giving you an overall view of the first fight.

Winning over Azalea Gym leader- Before heading toward the second Gym, you must cross Route 32, Union Cave, and Route 33. The second fight is against Bugsy, whose Pokémons are Bugs-type and poisonous. Even their moves are too bug-oriented. However, by defeating Bugsy, you will receive your second badge. Defeating Bugsy will also allow you to use your Fury cutter.

A second fight against your customized enemy:

Before you attack your enemy, you must heal all the wounds of your Pokémons because fighting against his powerful Pokémon will not be so easy.


The overall game will start with these two fights. They are pretty straightforward, but the levels will become more demanding as you reach the finishing point. But the experience is fantastic. It will take you to another world of Pokémon, where you will get your fantastic Pokémons, earn badges, learn and teach cool moves, make friends and fight against the bad guy. Maybe that is why Pokémon Crystal become so famous among the fans.

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