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If you ever played Super Mario, then you would have known how fascinating the games are. It has already a special place in the minds of its fans since its release in 1990. Since then, one new game after another has been added to Super Mario World. Some of them were great, while others failed to attract the audience. However, we are not here to discuss who won and who failed. But we will discuss the new additions to the Super Mario World Series: Super Mario 3D World.

The plot of Super Mario 3D World-

As we said, it is the current addition to Super Mario World which was released in 2021. We found that the plot is slightly different from the previous one. Here Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Toad are enjoying fireworks shows when they suddenly see a pipe. Mario and Luigi fix the pipe and release Sprixie princess. She informed Mario and his friend that Bowser had kidnapped her friends and family. And from here, the journey of “The Sprixie Kingdom” started. Now you can choose to play solo, or you can play with your game buddies.

No doubt the game is challenging and engaging at the same time. Sometimes you have to take steps beyond the edges. The levels are clearly strategy based. The game will gradually let you unlock those levels from simple to complex. To set the Sprixie fairies free, you must unlock a few important characters and subjects like Rosalina, World star, Mashroom, etc…

But before we set them free, we need to know about a few powers available in Super Mario 3D.

Super Mario 3D World

Strategy and Uses of Available Power:

Before starting to play, you must know about all those advantages first. Super Mario 3D didn’t just turn out to be the coolest game in Super Mario World. It is because Super Mario 3D lets you use some extra advantages. Also, there are a few same old ticks available that you can use very effectively. Let us know about them in detail first.

Switching Character According to Your Need:

The best part of 3D Super Mario World is that you can switch your character to use their power to unlock a level or a unique subject. Every Super Mario character has a special ability. Suppose you are playing as Princess Peach, who can fly a bit, but you need to jump high to unlock mushrooms. You can switch your character from princess to Luigi to play the level. In this game, Mario is a character who has almost every ability, while Luigi is famous for his long jump. Princess Peach can fly, and Toad can run fast.

Extra Powers to Help You Throughout the Game:

I know when you receive a power-up, you feel delighted. Not only because they are helpful but because they are excited to achieve. For example, a White Tanooki will help you get rid of a level you have been trying for so many times. Or the Double Cherry that helps you to gather a crowd and command them to move in one direction. There are many more like Fire Flower, Super Bell, Lucky Bell, Invincibility Leaf, Boomerang Flower, Tanooki Leaf, Super Mushroom, etc.  

Group Competition:

If you want to play Super Mario World with your troop, the Super Mario 3D is best for you. This game will allow you to play online. You can choose to rescue the Sprixie Fairies together, or you can set a competition. You can compete with each other to collect coins, green-colored stars, and other power-ups. You compete with each other to bring down the enemy and win the crown.

Benefits of Light House:

The lighthouses you can see throughout the game are not only there to enlighten your path or remove obstacles from your way. You can use them to look around from the top. It is a war strategy. You can see your enemy and understand their war strategy when you are at the top. For Super Mario World, this opportunity is very beneficial. You can spot your enemies’ movement before the war starts. Moreover, you will be able to notice important things that you cannot notice from the ground.

Strategy to Break the Blocks:

Throughout the entire game, you will undoubtedly encounter some glowing blocks. No wonder they are very satisfying to break, but blocks can give you a surprise now and then. But you can Fury Bowser. Here it would be best if you had a little strategy. Suppose there is a block between you and Fury Bowser. And you two are fighting. Now you can use Fury Bowser’s attack to break those blocks. Even though Fury Bowser will break those blocks, you will be the one who will the surprise gifts.

Unlocking the Objects.

Knowing about those crucial and helpful superpowers, you are ready to unlock the unique character and other objects.

  • World Star-2- Though Wold Star-2 is your enemy, unlocking it is very important. You cannot rescue Rosalina unless you fight World Star-2. Again, there are Nine Courses of World star that you must open. Otherwise, you will be unable to defeat World Bowser or get the Rocket.  
  • Rosalina- Rosalina is the fifth player in the game. Though she does not appear in the beginning but setting her free is an easy task. But to set Rosalina free, you need to defeat World Star-2. Rosalina has a superpower of the spin attack. Once you unlock Rosalina, you can also play as Rosalina whenever you need.
  • Mushroom- Mushrooms are necessary for the entire game. However, getting them is not that easy. The whole level is challenging. Moreover, you need to defeat the Cosmic Cannon Cluster in the last level.
  • World Flower- Incredible difficult level, just like the mushroom world. To use the World Flower, you need to defeat Blue Bully Belt.
  • World Crown- if you have not earned all the Green Star, Stamps, and flag Pole on each level, you will not be able to receive the World Crown.
  • Infinite Level- You can get infinite life in various ways throughout the game by achieving shells.


Though the 3D version of Super Mario World needs no extra explanation, we cannot stop talking about it. The game is not only exciting but very attractive as well. You need all those super objects to reach the ultimate level of the game. And what is more exciting is getting those objects does not fight with an enemy and get it. You must dismiss a few group warfare and complete a few incredible smart and tough levels to get them. This level inside level strategy is outstanding. Moreover, one thing is clear; Super Mario 3D is somehow the most popular game in the entire Super Mario World series. Not only for its 3D graphics but for the content.

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